How to Use Zedge to Set Ringtones and Notification Sounds on Android

You might have seen your friends use or talk about the Zedge app quite often and might be wondering what it is about. Zedge is the number one phone personalization app in the world. With Zedge, you can fall in love with your phone all over again. It allows you to set ringtones, wallpapers, notifications sounds, pretty much anything and everything on your phone. There are live wallpapers, 3D things, ringtones, notification sounds, etc. It is hands down one of the best apps which you can find on the web. 

zedge ringtones android

I started using it only for its breath-taking wallpapers, but it has only surprised me with new and astonishing things since then. Now, I have made sure all my friends and family members have the Zedge app downloaded on their phones. You can easily download it for free of cost on the play store.

If you get irritated by ads a lot, then there is a paid version for you as well with more premium features. Well, who does not want to keep a unique ringtone for boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancee? Zedge even allows you to do that. So next time your phone rings, you will instantly come to know if they are calling or not.

How to Use Zedge to Set Ringtones on Android

It is pretty simple to set a song as your ringtone using the Zedge app. We will sort it out for you in a few straightforward steps.

1. After opening the app, you will see three options at the top of your screen. ‘Featured,’ ‘Categories,’ and ‘Premium.’ If you have paid money to buy the subscription, the premium feature is for you. But if not, then you can surf for songs in the other two sections available to you. There is also a search button in case you know which song you want to set as your ringtone.

2. There are literally a lot of songs that will easily put you in a dilemma. You can even listen to the songs you like to help you decide in a more precise manner. 

3. Finally, choose the song that you like the most, click on that song to open it.

4. Press on the ‘set’ option at the bottom of your screen. You will then get four options asking you to either set it as your alarm sound, notification, contact ringtone, or ringtone.

5. Click on ‘Ringtone.’ The song will now be played as your new ringtone.

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How to Use Zedge to Change the Notifications Sound on Android

After changing your phone’s ringtone to a fantastic song, the urge to change the sound of other notifications is nothing but natural. So, let us see how you can do that.

1. The first three steps are the same as the ones mentioned above.

2. After you open the song, click on the top-right corner of your screen and select the ‘download’ option.

3. Once the song is downloaded on your mobile, you can use it as a sound for your email notifications, Instagram alerts, and much more.

4. Open Settings on your phone, and go to the apps.

5. Now open Instagram or any other app whose sound you wish to alter. Go to the notifications alternative.

6. Then, click on chats and calls. Choose the ‘Sound’ option. You would see the song there, which you just downloaded with all other pre-downloaded songs on your device. Tap on it, and that is it.

Where are Zedge Ringtones stored on Android?

Your zedge ringtones are stored in your file manager. To find them, you will have to go to Files> Media> Audio> Ringtones. You will find all your Zedge ringtones there.

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Many third-party apps are available on the web to help you set customized ringtones or notifications sound for your phone. But, Zedge is simply the best amongst them. From its convenience to operate the app to the infinite options available to you, there is nothing you will not like about this app. It also allows you to customize your own sound and set it as your ringtone. So if you ever get sick of listening to the same sound on your phone, again and again, you know where you should go. Also, if you want to give your phone a new look altogether, this app’s the one you are looking for. 

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Updated: July 20, 2021 — 5:13 pm

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