Free Star Wars Ringtones for iPhone and Android

Whether you are an Empire man or a Rebellion supporter, a Star Wars ringtone is an easy way to show your love for the incredible franchise. With so many movies, games, and shows over the past decades, you literally have near-infinite different sounds and themes to choose from. 

Star Wars Ringtones

Now that you have decided you want a star wars ringtone, how do you get it?

Well, here are various apps you can use to get free Star Wars ringtones for iPhone and Android phones!

How do I get Star Wars ringtones?

If you are willing to spend money, you can purchase Star Wars themes and songs from iTunes and other music platforms and quickly set them as your ringtone.

However, if you are not the one to spend money on ringtones, there are a few ways to star wars ringtones for entirely free. You can download your favorite songs as mp3 files from various websites and copy the file onto your phone. However, this is a long and slightly complicated process.

The easiest way to get free star wars ringtones for your phone is to download some custom music apps. With these apps, you can simply search for your favorite Star Wars theme and set it as your ringtone in a few minutes. This is a much more straightforward process than downloading files from a website and copying them onto your phone.

Apps to download Star Wars Ringtones for Free

SW Ringtones

Android app

The SW Ringtones app is filled with a fantastic collection of original Star Wars ringtones and quotes. From major themes to short Chewbacca roars, it has everything. You can set these as your ringtone or even as your notification sound.

In addition to the many original ringtones it has, there are a couple of remixes and even a few memorable sound effects. While the app does have many ads, it is a free app, so you are going to have to make a few compromises.


Android & iOS

If you have heard of Zedge, you know it is a fantastic tool that you can use to personalize your phone completely. In addition to free wallpapers and videos, it also has an enormous collection of ringtones.

As you might have guessed, this collection also includes many songs from Star Wars. It has all the major theme songs to use as ringtones and even many iconic short audio clips like the sound of a lightsaber, R2d2, and Chewbacca. There are even many ringtones from the latest Mandalorian series.

Audiko: ringtones, notifications and alarm sounds

Android app

The Audiko app comes with a massive collection of music, over two million to be exact. The two million-strong collection includes many iconic Star Wars tracks like the imperial march, The Force theme, Darth Vader theme, and Leia’s theme.

The app is entirely free, and since it is an mp3 cutter, too, you can cut and crop these audio clips to use as your ringtone, alarm, or notification sounds. 


Android & iOS

Mobile9 is another phone personalization platform that is quite similar to Zedge. It has a nice variety of different Star Wars ringtones like the Battle of the Heroes and the Darth Vader theme. There are also plenty of cute-sounding ones like Meesa Happy Jar Jar. While there are less than 50 star wars ringtone options, they are all excellent. In addition to ringtones, you can also set star wars themed wallpapers, themes, and notifications with this app!

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Updated: May 13, 2021 — 10:15 am

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