Top 7 Ringtone Apps like Zedge for Android and iPhone

Are you searching for the best apps to personalize the content on your smartphone? Then, try these top 7 apps like Zedge to make your smartphone speak about your personality!

Zedge has a massive collection of ringtones and wallpapers that you can use on your android and iOS device in just a few clicks! 

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The app gives you access to tons of live wallpapers, notification sounds, HD wallpapers, ringtones, and much more content that you can add to your phone and make it truly yours. Besides, it provides excellent features (like the family filter, which prevents kids from accessing inappropriate content) and an intuitive user interface.

No doubt, it’s the best personalization app out there!

Still, if you feel that Zedge is just not for you or want more variety, this article is for you! Here, you will find the Top Apps like Zedge that you can use on your android device and personalize it.

Top 7 Ringtone Apps like Zedge for Android/iPhone You Can Use

1. MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers

MTP Ringtones Wallpapers (MyTinyPhone) app is pretty similar to the Zedge app. The app has not only an immense collection of wallpapers and ringtones but also a variety of games. 

Besides, its search feature is no different than that of Zedge.

Whenever you want to search for something, write the search phrase in the search bar and hit the search icon. As a result, you will see the wallpapers ringtones that fall into that category. And to see the content in each category, you’ll need to click the category name.

Apart from these, this Ringtones Wallpapers app has a cool feature that displays the number of times the tune or photo has been downloaded. So, if you are searching for something less used or really unique, you can browse through the least downloaded content!

If you are a Zedge user, you’ll not be disappointed by switching to this app. It’s just a perfect alternative to Zedge!

3. Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me

Like Zedge, the Ringtones & Wallpapers for me app has a nice collection of ringtones wallpapers and even apps that you can download for free.

The application has a colorful and simple interface that keeps you in a beautiful mood while using the app. On the home screen itself, you will find tabs for ringtones, wallpapers, and apps.

The content for each of these has been divided into various categories like Nature, Cities, Holidays, etc. Hence, you can browse through the categories and download whatever sounds or looks good to you!

Additionally, if you are a bit of a lazy person, then the Ringtones Wallpapers for me app offers a feature to update your home screen wallpaper automatically. So, you can enable it to enjoy a new wallpaper every day!

3. Backgrounds HD

If you are more interested in wallpapers, then Backgrounds HD is worth checking out! The app gives you access to loads of different wallpapers under different categories.

Again, it even lets you pick the daily, weekly, or all-time popular ones from the popular tab. 

In addition, the wallpapers you search for are displayed based on the tag and not the entire search phrase (just like it’s shown in the Zedge app).

Like your Instagram feed, the feed feature of this app shows you images downloaded by different people. You can even view and download the pictures as well as follow the people you like. But, remember you’ll need to sign in to use this feature.

Similarly, like the explore tab in Instagram, the shuffle tab shows random wallpapers from all categories.

4. Wallpapers

Wallpapers is another best Zedge alternative for wallpapers. The app is developed by Google and features a range of wallpapers under numerous categories.

Like Zedge, the app shows you categories when you search for an image. And you can then browse for photos in a particular category by clicking on it.

The images on this app are collected from multiple sources. You can view the source of the image by tapping on the explore icon.

Like the Ringtones and Wallpapers for me app, this one also has a “daily images” feature. By enabling this feature, the app will automatically change the wallpaper on your home screen. That means, every morning you open your phone, a new wallpaper from the category of your choice will be in front of your eyes!

5. Backdrops

Like the Backgrounds HD and Wallpapers app, the Backdrops app allows you to download various wallpapers. The app is extremely simple to use. And the content on this app is also very well-organized.

On the home screen, you will find four sections: Community, Collections, Explore, and Favorites.

In the community section, you will be able to see images uploaded by other users and even upload images (but you’ll need to register yourself first). The explore section displays images under random categories, and the collections section will show you images under specific collections like Earth, AMOLED, etc.

Finally, you will find the images that you have marked as your favorite in the favorites tab.

Furthermore, you can even search for pictures based on the categories using the top side menu or typing in the search bar.

6. Ringtones XL

If you just want an app for downloading and using ringtones, then the Ringtones XL is for you! The app has a massive library of high-quality ringtones and the same functionality as Zedge.

The ringtones on this app are categorized under different categories like holidays, classical, sound effects, to name a few. You can browse through the categories or simply search for a tune by typing in the search bar.

The ringtones you download from this app can be set as a notification tone, contact tone, ringtone, and even alarm tone.

7. Audiko

The Audiko app is slightly different than Zedge and Ringtones XL. The app not only lets you download ringtones but also allows you to edit them.

To download a ringtone, simply search for the soundtrack or explore the ringtones based on the song genres. However, do keep in mind that Audiko consists of only songs and not ringtones.

Alternatively, you can even upload a music file from your phone, edit it to use as per your requirements, and share it with your friends.

The app does not give you advanced editing features but does allow you to cut, trim, and make minor changes to the track.


Is there a better app than Zedge?

Yes, several apps offer more functionalities than Zedge. And these apps also have a database as large as that of Zedge. Some of the apps that we recommend are MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers, Ringtones & Wallpapers for me, which are explained in detail in this article.

What is the best app for free ringtones?

Apart from Zedge, you can find exciting ringtones on apps like Ringtones XL, Audiko, Ringdroid, Pi Music Player, etc. Some of these apps also let you create a ringtone by editing the tracks available there.

Is the Zedge app safe? Or Can I trust Zedge?

The Zedge app has over 35 million installs, and it’s one of the most popular personalization apps available in the market. Also, the app doesn’t require you to register unless you choose to purchase the premium plan. In short, there’s no harm in using the Zedge app. It’s pretty much a reliable app for downloading ringtones wallpapers, apps, and games.

Conclusion about the Best Ringtone Apps like Zedge

Zedge is a mind-blowing app to download wallpapers and ringtones. But if in case you just want to try something new or explore more options, you can try any of the apps mentioned in this list.

All of these apps offer a range of ringtones wallpapers. However, the best apps like Zedge, in our opinion, is the MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers. Check it out! And if you want to add any app to the list, please use the comment section below!

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Updated: July 20, 2021 — 4:50 pm

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