How to Make Ringtone for iPhone with GarageBand

When Apple updated it Itunes with the latest version of 12.8, it has stopped people making ringtones from a song in iTunes. Although we have written an article on how you can still make ringtones with iTunes for iPhone that is a bit cumbersome.

As an alternative to iTunes, Apple has launched Garageband to make custom ringtones alters on your iOS Device which you can learn below.

This app has been around for a little but very few knew how to use it to make custom ringtone for iPhone. So we have decided to give a step by step tutorial for you.

Apple has pre-installed some default set of classic ringtones in every iPhone which you can find from Going to Sound Settings on your iPhone or any iOS device and which also direct you to download ringtones from iTunes store as well.

If you already downloaded the music from iTunes which means you have purchased it and you own it, then you can do this for free. Just Go to iOS App Store and download the Garageband app for iOS.

Garageband is also connected to your cloud drive so you can store the files there as well.

Step 1: Now Tap + button in the top left of the corner of Garageband App when you open it. Like in the iTunes, the max duration of any ringtone must not exceed 30 seconds.

Also if you have any music already stored in your phone’s library you can also use that. For that to use, select an instrument and record random noise.

To get full access to the editor we need to record random noise. Once we get access we will delete that random noise. The noise record maybe for only 5-10 seconds

Step 2: Now tap the project button which gives you access to all tracks. As you have only one, which is a random noise you recorded above.

Step 3: Now You can choose any song from your music library. Once you import the song we need to delete that random noise.

Step 4: Now tap the Loop button 2nd in from last in top right corner, Go to Songs and select you music from library. Well if you have not stored songs in your phone library that can not be imported because those are protected. So for that rather than songs downloaded from iTunes, you can to transfer music from MAC/PC to iPhone with the help of iTunes.

Step 5: Click on a song to preview it. Hold down the start point where you want to make a cut and drag your finger to end point where you want to end it and then drop the song into tracks.

Step 6: Delete the Random noise by tap > Select > tap hold > and select delete option from menu.

Step 7: To Split a Clip, Click on Scissors button, Long Hold it on Track and take it to the second split point. When you are done with splitting the song you can save it as a ringtone.

Step 8: To save the split part as ringtone Go to My Songs in the Recent tray. Long-press on it to reveal contextual menu options. Tap Share.

Step 9: In the Context menu, Click on Ringtone and name it whatever you want and export it. Then a message will pop up saying export is successful. Tap OK.

Step 10: Now Go to Settings > Sound > where you will see you new Ringtone saved with the name you used.

That’s It!

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Updated: April 5, 2021 — 7:25 am

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