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Funny ringtones are an easy way to bring a smile to everyone around you each time you get a call. You can even use them as pranks by setting them up on your mom or wife’s phone. So now that you have decided you want a funny ringtone for your iPhone or Android, where do you find them for free?

funny ringtones

We have compiled a list of websites and apps where you can get very funny ringtones for free! From free funny redneck ringtones to funny boyfriend ringtones, these have them all! Are you into Anime, check out anime ringtones.

List of Sites to Download Funny Ringtones for Free

Zedge is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, platforms to customize your entire phone with. So, it is no surprise that it has a fantastic collection of funny ringtones to personalize your phone with. The interface is gorgeous and extremely easy to use. You just have to search, and the songs will line up for you. The basic app is completely free and has many comic sounds, but you get access to even more sounds if you upgrade to their paid version.

With Zedge, you can make your whole phone a laughing house; not only will it let you keep funny ringtones, but you can also even make your notifications, alarms, and wallpaper into something hilarious.

This website isn’t like the other ones on the list. It does not have a collection of funny ringtones or anything. Instead, this website has a few software that allows you to morph your own voice or any audio clip of yours. You can sound like a parrot, a dog, or even an alien. Flex your creativity muscle and create a genuinely unique funny ringtone with this website!

Make4fun is one the most extensive repositories of everything funny. You can find absolutely any funny audio clip you want to hear, be it a mocking trombone sound or a funny baby ringtone. The website is constantly being updated, and some of the popular songs have been downloaded over a couple a hundred thousand times each!

In addition to funny ringtones, it also has funny pictures, comics, quizzes, videos, remixes, and even song parodies. It even has a simple voice changer tool that lets you create cute and funny short audio clips.

Prokerala is, without a doubt, one of the most straightforward websites to download free funny ringtones from. It has a search bar through which you can find a variety of different funny sounds. It is not limited to long ringtones; it also has funny short audio clips for you to use as notifications. 

You do not have to create an account or anything; download is just a few clicks away. The site is user-supported, so you can even upload your own sounds to it for others to use. There are also no annoying pops, just a few advertisements specked across the site.

List of Funny Ringtones Apps

1500 Free Ringtones!

The name says it all; this app has over 1500 free ringtones. This includes everything from outrageously hilarious ones like gangster grannies and naughty princesses to slightly disgusting sounds like farting and burping. 

The only issue with this app is that while some sounds are pretty long, most are short clips. This makes them more suited as notification or alarm sounds than as a ringtone. However, The good thing about it is that most of the sounds are free, and you can download as many as you want. However, there are a few sounds that you can only download by paying. 

Hahaas Comedy Ringtones

Hahaas comedy ringtones are not an app per se. These are rather funny audio clips that are created by a user called Hahaas Comedy. Think about how comic these must be to be included in Apple music! 

He has multiple albums just dedicated to funny ringtones; even the names of the songs are hilarious. Check him out in any music app of your choice; you are sure to find his songs funny!

Top Funny Ringtones

This is without question the best app you can get for free funny ringtones for iPhones. It has a simple to use and a fun user interface. You can get all the popular funny sounds in the world with this app! Not only can you get funny ringtones, but you can also get funny text message notifications, funny mail alerts, funny calendar alerts, and much more!

The best thing about this app is that it is constantly being updated to improve its UI and to add more funny sounds. You get unlimited downloads, and there are no in-app purchases. 

Funny Ringtones for iPhone

This is another excellent free funny ringtone app for iPhones that launched just a couple of years back. It has a massive list of various songs and funny clips, which you can cut and size to your desire. It is effortless to search for your favorite song or clip in this app, and you can create your custom ringtone in a few minutes. However, the free version has only limited songs and functions, but with their paid subscription, you can get unlimited themes and customization options.

List of 20 Funny Ringtones to download in 2021

  1. Funny chimpanzee
  2. Sad trombone
  3. Duckjob
  4. Tarzan yell
  5. Baby laughing
  6. Baby farting
  7. Donkey braying
  8. Ghost & Scream
  9. Hen & Cricket
  10. Evil laugh
  11. Catfight
  12. Crazy laugh
  13. Creepy door opening
  14. Drunk smurf
  15. Telephone ring
  16. Crazy frog
  17. Pikachu
  18. Railway announcement
  19. Sneezing
  20. Police siren
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Updated: May 9, 2021 — 12:24 pm

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