How to Change Apple Watch Ringtones

Probably the first feature that anybody could change on his or her mobile phone was the ringtone. Nowadays, technology has evolved to the point in which you can even receive and place calls from your Apple watch Series 3. This means that we have now reached a point in which the watch rings. As in the case of phones, we want a special cell phone ringtone for our watch as well.

This leads us to the following questions: is it possible to make our dream come true? Is it possible to change the ringtone on an Apple watch? Well, unfortunately for you, there is no solution up to date. However, there are options for muting the alerts on the phone, which we will further discuss with you in this article.

I guess that if there is no possibility to change the ringtone for your Apple Watch, at least there is an option to not hear it at all. You see, it is not that bad after all. This is why, if today it is not possible for us to provide you with a solution to change that annoying ringtone from the watch, at least we give you an opportunity to not hear it at all.

How do I change the ringtone on my Apple Watch?

Below you can find the necessary steps that you need to take in order to change both audio and notification sound settings on your Apple watch.

The first feature that we are going to look into today is turning the volume up or down on your device.


Step 1: Opening Settings

For this step, you will need to open the settings on your Apple watch.

Apple watch ringtones

Step 2: Sounds and Haptics

In this step, after opening the settings section on your Apple watch, you need to scroll down until you reach the section Sounds & Haptics, and then tap on it.

Apple watch ringtones

Step 3:  Adjust volume

For this step, you can either tap on the icon on the left in order to lower the volume of your device, or tap right to make it louder. In addition, there is a green line which shows the sound level. You can either drag this to the right to increase the sound level, or to the left, to decrease it.

The second feature that we are going to look into today is how to mute your Apple watch.

Apple watch ringtones

Step 4: Open the control center

For this step, you need to tap and old the bottom of your watch. Then, you only need to wait for the Control Center to appear. After that, you need to swipe up.

Apple watch ringtones

Step 5: Tap on the bell

There is a bell icon, which you need to tap on. When muted, you will see the bell in red, with a line crossing it diagonally. After that, you will have your phone muted. However, you will still receive haptic notifications.

As you can see, there are some ways which can make you forget about the ringtone that you do not like on your Apple watch. We hope that Apple will come up with newer versions and updates where these changes are possible.

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