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Free Ringtones for Android & iPhone: Most of us want to have a newly released tune to set up as our phone ringtones just because we want to hear them over and over again. However, it is not always that simple to do so. In order to help you find the cool and latest free android ringtones that you have a hard time getting off your head, we have looked through the Internet and found some of the best sites to help you find the perfect ringtones for the phone.

10 Sites to Download & Make Free Ringtones for Android

There are many different sites for ringtones available on the web; however, most of them offer only premium service, which means that you have to pay for ringtones. In some cases, you will have to pay a monthly subscription, and on some sites, you will have to pay for every single ringtone, which is frustrating. We decided to present you top 10 best free ringtone sites for Android.

1. TheRingtoneSite

TheRingtonesite has a wide range of free ringtones for mobile devices. The options are varied and include many categories and genres from Jingles, to Pop, Rock, and a great number of hits. The menu is easy to use and allows you to find that perfect ringtone with no stress at all. One of the great features of this site is its column which includes the latest ringtones that are being added. This means that your options for a new ringtone increase every single day.


The second site that we found for you today has more than 130k ringtones for you to choose from, and lucky for you, this number is continuously increasing. In addition to the wide range of ringtones, you can also find a great number of wallpapers, games, and various themes to customize your device. You can also download Verizon, ATT, and even Free Spirit Ringtones by accessing this site. If funny is what you are looking for, this site will surely not disappoint.


In addition to a great number of free ringtones that you can find on this site, there is also a great selection of ringtones, and notification sounds to help you make your device more unique. One of the best features of Zedge free ringtones site makes it possible for you to make a list of your favorites, and access them from your device using Facebook. The site’s library includes more than 9 million items from ringtones to wallpapers. The best feature is that all of these are absolutely free. In addition, the site allows you to set these ringtones and notification sounds directly on your phone.


Among the most popular ringtone sites on the Internet is It allows you to discover and download the most featured and unique ringtones. The number of options that you have is limitless, and the best part is that all the ringtones are free.


This site is a great option for users from all around the globe. In addition to the wide range of ringtones, you can also find a great number of wallpapers, games, and various themes to customize your device. Also, the ringtones are compatible to almost all devices, so there is nothing you should worry about.


With a collection of more than 120k ringtones, this website is one of the best options for finding that perfect ringtone. Here, you can find anything from the oldest songs to the latest hits. In addition, you can upload your personal ringtone, and share it with others.


Audiko is a kind of user-created platform. With that said, the website allows you to upload your collection as well and that way you can avail the content for other users as well. To your surprise, there are popular ringtones, SMS ringtones that you can choose from various genres and artists.

There is an option to preview or listen to the ringtone before you download it. This way, you slave the internet on downloading and save the space on your phone as well. Once you are satisfied with the audio quality, you can download the ringtone. The only downside of using this website is that you have to create an account where all your downloads will be saved. But it is a relief as well because you have your favorite collection at once place.

For easier access, you can also use the Audiko app that is free to use. However, if you have an iPhone then you have to pay an amount of $0.99 to download the app. The website, on the other hand, is free to use and hence a better idea if you don’t want to pay.


With, you no longer have to have a boring ringtone. The site offers a great selection of the latest ringtones that are available for immediate download. In addition, you can find a wide range of alarms, and notification tones for your device, even funny ones.


This site has one of the widest ranges of ringtones that you can find. With more than 5 million files available for immediate download, this site has it all. Besides the great user experience and its ease of access, it also allows you to edit your favorite songs into the ringtone of your choice. What more can you really ask for?


With more than 65k ringtones to choose from, this site has all you can think of, and the best part is that they are absolutely free. You can also preview the songs before choosing to download them directly to your phone. There are many categories that you can choose from, along with different alarms and notification sounds which you can use to customize your phone.

Will My Phone Support All Ringtones?

For Android devices, you can download ringtones from any sites on your phone as android supports MP3 files as ringtones. We even have an article about creating custom ringtones for android.

While with an iPhone, the story is a bit different. The iPhone needs a file that is in .m4r format to recognize it as an audio file that you can use as a ringtone.

However, the process of having a ringtone for iPhone starts downloading MP3 ringtones to your PC that you further need to convert into AAC and then M4r. This whole process takes place in iTunes where you convert the file in the proper format in a few steps. Once done, you can set this file as your new ringtone. You can use this technique every time you want to change a ringtone. We also have a guide on making ringtones for iPhone.

Is Downloading Ringtones From The Internet Safe?

Well, there is no exact answer to that because it depends on the source that you opt for and your browsing behavior. The internet world is full of such sites and applications for free ringtones.

There are genuine sites as well as the fake ones from where you download something else in the name of ringtones. So it is necessary to be mindful while clicking any link that seems suspicious and always head for the genuine-looking websites. Always check the file’s extension before allowing it to download. It should be in .Mp3 format every time instead of any other format such as .exe, msi, dmg or apk.

Myxer Free Ringtones App for Android Phone

Myxer Free Ringtones App for Android Phone: If you haven’t yet found that perfect ringtone for your mobile phone, you should not worry. Myxer application might just be what you are looking for. It is a great app that allows you to create your own ringtone. You can turn your favorite song into your ringtone, with no fuss at all, and Myxer app is also free. Its great features make it one of the most popular apps on the market, and it stands out from the others with its great user interface. Using it requires no special skills, and it can be used for both iPhone and Android devices.

Even though the app is quite self-explanatory, we decided to show you a few steps on how to use it.

  • You may be tried to search myxer app on Google Play Store, but you could not find it. Don’t worry, all you need to do is to download the apk file, and your file can be installed quickly.
  • One of the things that you will need to do before installing the app is to change some settings on your device. As it is an apk file, the phone will mark it as a third-party app. It sees it as a threat, and it will stop us from both downloading and installing it.
  • You will need to access your settings on your device. After that, you will need to click on Security. There, you need to tap on the option Device Administration. Here, you need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. You will get a pop-up mentioning that you might harm your device. You can change it back after you install the app.
  • Now, there is nothing else stopping you from installing the Myxer apk.

Having installed the Myxer app, you can make a ton of ringtones. If you do not feel like creating your own ringtone, you can use the ones which are already available on the app. The list of songs is limitless, and the genres vary from old songs to the latest hits, and even a great number of weird and funny songs that you would not even think of. All that is left to do is to test them all until you find your favorite one.

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Updated: September 23, 2022 — 2:07 pm

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