How to Add Custom Ringtones and Sounds to your Android Phone

Android is the only mobile OS that offers so many customizations. If you don’t like the same old sounds or ringtones people using these days or provided default by your phone manufacturer you can change them easily. We have shared the 5 ways below by which you can easily set Custom ringtones to your Android Phone.

How to find and set ringtones through the Zedge app

As we know there is a lot of places to find ringtones but as of now, Zedge has the largest database of ringtones. Zedge is basically a wallpaper and ringtones app that changes the two most basic things on your phone. It will also allow you to download the ringtones and wallpapers on your phone and streamline the process yourself.

Here’s how to set it:

01. Once you searched the ringtone, tap the download button in the center

02. Now click on Set Ringtone

03. A Pop-up box will open to ask you give permissions. Click Allow to download the ringtone. 

04. Once you click Allow, Zedge will ask permission to modify settings, So click on Settings.

05. Now Click Allow modify System Settings

06. Now press the back button and come back to the Zedge app, You will see a notification of saying that your ringtone has been changed. 

How to add your own ringtone to Android

If you find ringtones on other places like Zedge app and have no option to set it automatically then you need to transfer it to the device. For that, you need to add the ringtone to the device in the proper folder in a file manager app. As Android phone has a file manager pre-installed, if you don’t have you can install one from Play Store.

After installing the file manager and downloading the ringtone, transfer it to the proper folder so that you can set it as your ringtone.

01. As the ringtone you have downloaded must be in your Phone internal memory Downloads folder. So go there and long press and copy that ringtone. 

02. Now go to Ringtones folder in Internal memory and paste the ringtone in that. If you want to set the ringtone as text tone or Alarm tones then you need to paste it in Notification folder.

Note: In case your not able to see the ringtone just reboot your phone.

How to apply your custom ringtone in Settings

01. Go to Settings on your Android Phone

02. Find Sounds, or Sound and Notification or Sound and Display depends on your phone.

03. Tap Phone Ringtones in it.

04Find the Custom ringtone you added in above via transferring it from downloads folder, Click on it

05. Tap Save and Ok.

How to apply a custom ringtone to a contact

01. Open Phone contacts

02Find the contact you wish to set a ringtone on and Click on it.

03. Click three-dot menu in top right corner

04. Click on Set Ringtone

05. Find the ringtone you want to set for this contact and Click on it.

06. Save and Done

How to set a custom notification sound in Settings

01. Open Settings in Android

02. Find Sounds, or Sound and Notification or Sound and Display depends on your phone.

03. Click on Default Notification Sound

04. Click on Notification Sound you want to select

05Save and Done

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Updated: April 5, 2021 — 7:27 am

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