Myxer Ringtones is your own free personalized music service where you can listen with your friends in real-time on your Android phone or tablet.

Myxer Social Radio enables you to easily create your own dedicated listening rooms choosing your favorite artists from a catalog of latest songs. What makes Myxer Social Radio truly different is that you can now share and listen to your favorite music at the same time with the people who matter most…your friends.

If you log in with Facebook, invite your Facebook Friends to listen in your customized rooms or join them in their rooms. Features include group listening and real-time chat while listening with friends.

Mobile. Social. Free. Myxer Social Radio connects you — and your friends — to a whole new way of experiencing music, together.

About Myxer

Established in 2018, Myxer is an entertainment website, and its mission is simple and clear: “To empower people through technology.”

Today, Myxer is fulfilling that mission by becoming among the most trusted sources for free ringtones with simple access to free media content available across mobile devices. Myxer’s website, myxer.fm, will become the top in the U.S.

In 2018, Myxer launched its newest free social product, Myxer.fm, an ad-supported ringtones service connecting consumers and the friends who matter most to a groundbreaking new same-time group listening experience. Built atop a growing catalog of over new song tracks, high-fidelity audio compression, real-time music chat, Video Song Stories and full-integration with Facebook, Myxer Ringtones redefines the experience of discovering and enjoying music, across desktop and mobile applications, all free and without any hidden costs or subscription fees to consumers.

Built to be enjoyed together, Myxer Ringtones only requires a user to have a Facebook account for sign-in, and users are encouraged to invite their Facebook Friends to also access the service to enjoy an entirely new way to listen to music together

Updated: April 4, 2021 — 8:15 am
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